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Whose Children are at Risk?

Internet addiction can affect anyone


Whose Children are at Risk? : Internet addiction can affect anyone

An expert shares his chilling story of how he made his point to a group of community leaders.
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Anonymous August 17, 2014

I can relate Unfortunately, I grew up with TVs all over the house, and computers as well, completely unfiltered. I never even realized how bad or damaging it is...Still suffering and fighting very hard to break away over 15 years later, and still my parents don't realize.

Even worse--I once walked in on my father "getting lost" in very horrible places on the web. It's not even "taking chances," it's absolute suicide for the soul... Reply

Hany MTL, CA June 29, 2011

Interesting Especially if the person or G-d forbid the child is under the influence of the drug called speed which keeps one awake for 24 hrs or even more depending on the dose. People doing that can spend a whole day engaged on the computer without proper realization of what their engaged in. This can surely be very destructive since the person who takes that drug also loses appetite and does not eat properlu while under the effect of the drug. From experience I can say that while taking such an amphetamine (depending on the dosage) one can stay for hours if not days in front of a computer. Keep up the good work! Reply