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Utilizing Children's Energy

20 Menachem-Av, 5745 • August 7, 1985

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Utilizing Children's Energy: 20 Menachem-Av, 5745 • August 7, 1985

The Rebbe speaks on utilizing the energy of children (August 7, 1985)
Lubavitcher Rebbe

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yael Bradenton, Florida July 8, 2013

yes daily deeds for empowering the child i was beat up and abused by a mother who told me that she never wanted kids, she doesn't say 'i love you' unless she really means it -never said it to me but once and then she said 'you're not welcome in my home and we're like oil and water' - 2 yrs ago i stopped having a lifetime of recurring nightmares when a psychologist told me she thinks i evidence proof of having been hurt by my mom pre verbal - i said 'she smothered me as an infant at 5 mos ' and haven't had the dreams at all and it took 53 yrs to break through my denial.
Who could not love their own child? I love all children. And I bless them as they bless my world. The Rebbe was showing how important it is to be sure not to forget to entertain strangers...and he sure knew about angels. Reply

Eric S. Kingston North Hollywood, CA February 27, 2006

Motivation This is a great reminder, even for myself, to do more!!! I am always atounded by the level of day-to-day committment The Rebbe put(s) forth. Anyone reading about his efforts will be impressed, not only with his caring and knowledge, but his continuous drive. This short video clip of The Rebbe has even helped me to understand my own parents better, who are constantly going! I am inspired to make more efforts! Reply

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