G-d is With Us in Exile

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G-d is With Us in Exile

The Rebbe speaks on how God shares the pain of exile with his People (May 20, 1984)
Galut, Lubavitcher Rebbe

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Joshua April 6, 2020

Does it really make sense? Why should G-d join us in our hardships and suffering? If He's G-d, He can instead end the hardships and suffering. In other words, If we believe G-d is joining us in our pain, then we believe G-d is a masochist. And that doesn't make sense. Reply

Eliezer Zalmanov for Chabad.org April 7, 2020
in response to Joshua :

You're right, it doesn't make sense to us, and we don't understand why G-d does that. But being G-d, He created us and wants to be with us, so as long as we're suffering He suffers too. You're also right that He should just end the hardships and suffering once and for all. Reply

Anonymous UK April 8, 2020
in response to Eliezer Zalmanov:

Suffering “Should?” If “He suffers to” - then surely he knows what is best for us,and that through suffering is a reminder that “We are not in control” “He is”- Reply

Anonymous Flint, MI May 31, 2011

Hashem Praying that the Highest Holy Hashem's
sovereignty soon be felt by all nations. Reply


I'm sure both Bush Administrations felt that the government in Iraq had to be toppled and a new democratic government imposed....perhaps nipping Saddam Hussein and his sons in the bud at this point in time has averted an unnecessary nuclear war in that region before we all know Armageddon will find it's fulfillment.
"Serious ?'s" updated blog-end.

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