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21st Century Jew Podcast

Listen to though-provoking discussions on applying Torah truths to contemporary life in modern times.

Let’s Celebrate Each Other’s Success
21st Century Jew on Parshat Bereishit
Why does one’s success threaten another, instead of being a cause of celebration? A big lesson from the smallness of the moon.
Are We Looking for Fame?
21st Century Jew on Parshat Noach
The Torah narrative on the generation of the Tower of Babel’s failings provides relevant insight into very similar weaknesses we face today. We should strive towards meaningful impact, not fame.
Blood Is Thicker Than Water
21st Century Jew on Parshat Lech-Lecha
The story of Abraham fighting to free his brother-in-law Lot, presents a tremendous lesson on the importance of family.
Let’s Not Assume the Worse in Others
21st Century Jew on Parshat Vayeira
Prior to G-d destroying Sodom for their evil ways, He says I’ll go down to check it out. This teaches not to condemn another before knowing the facts for certain.
The Future Is Brighter Than Ever
21st Century Jew on Parshat Chayie-Sarah
The story of Rebecca marrying Isaac and filling Sarah’s place, illustrates the need to believe in the present, instead of just glorifying the past.
What's in a Jewish Name?
21st Century Jew on Parshat Vayeitzei
What should we think of when we choose a name for our child? This week’s Torah portion offers direction.
What Is Your Jug of Oil?
21st Century Jew on Chanukah and Parshat Vayeishev
Joseph and Chanukah offer a bright and burning lesson for our time.
The Courage to Dream
21st Century Jew on Chanukah and Parshat Mikeitz