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Chumash Classes: Tetzaveh, Part 2

The vestments of the priesthood

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Chumash Classes: Tetzaveh, Part 2: The vestments of the priesthood

Chp. 28 verses 1 - 5: The vestments, Hashem commanded Moshe to induct Aaron and his sons into the priesthood with the same feelings of joy that he felt when Moshe had been chosen to be the leader of the nation. He was to instruct the wise-hearted artisans to make clothing that would be for both splendor and beauty. Aaron would wear them when he would minister before Hashem. The clothing consisted of the: breastplate, an ephod, the robe, a knitted tunic, a turban, and a sash. The pants and the head band would be mentioned later. Eight garments all together. They were to made out of gold, sky blue, dark red, and crimson wool, and the linen.
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