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Chumash Classes: Tetzaveh, Part 3

The Ephod and the Chosen Mishpat

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Chumash Classes: Tetzaveh, Part 3: The Ephod and the Chosen Mishpat

Chp. 28 verses 6 - 21: The Ephod, (the apron) it's material and how it was constructed. The two onyx stones that were worn on the shoulder of the high priest and the names that were embossed on them. The Chosen Mishpat (the breastplate of judgment) was made up of the same material as the Ephod. It was square and folded over. On it were the four rows of precious and semi precious stones and on them were embossed the names of the twelve tribes, the names of the three forefathers, and the words "Shev tey Yeshurun." There were six letters on each of the stones for a total of seventy two letters.
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