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The Torah

G-d, who formed and created man and all that exists, shares His wisdom, understanding and knowledge with us through the Torah, enabling us to maximize our potential and fulfill our life's purpose.

Bible Criticism Part 1
Part 1 of 2
Did the Torah really come from heaven, or is it a product of powerful human imagination? An unapologetic response to bible criticism.
Bible Criticism Part 2
Part 2 of 2
Was Torah progressive enough in its creation? Is capital punishment just? What about slavery and animal sacrifices mentioned in the Torah? Questions and Answers to Bible Criticism
An Age Old Torah in a Modern World
Could a document written thousands of years ago in the desert have practial applications to our lives in a modern world? The difference between religion and culture
Hidden Codes in the Torah
A few of the most amazing codes in the Torah, and how -- now -- in our time we can find codes in the Torah. See very clearly that these things just don’t happen by chance.
Mishnah: The Oral Tradition
The mishnah is the first compilation of the oral law. Discover the process by-which the oral tradition evolved.
The Eternal Nature of the Torah
The Talmud teaches that mitzvahs will be nullified in the Messianic age. How do we reconcile this with Judaism’s cardinal principal that Torah is eternal and mitzvahs don’t change? Join us for a detailed discussion on the very nature of Torah.
Sinai, Shavuot and Today
The laws of studying Torah: An overview of Torah education through our history, and its current form today.
Mattan Torah (1)
Audio | 29:48
Matan Torah: the Voice at Sinai
A profound insight into the inner reason to why G-d’s powerful voice at Mt. Sinai did not produce an echo.
Mattan Torah (2)
Audio | 49:29
Matan Torah: Rational Mitzvot
This class explains the significance of the logical and mundane laws of the Torah and the special connection of these mitzvot to the general theme of the giving of the Torah.
An Introduction to the Talmud
Audio | 44:10
An Introduction to the Talmud
This class clarifies what the Talmud consists of, its function and how it embodies the entire Oral Torah.
The Translation of the Torah
Why did Moses translate the Torah into 70 languages and what did it accomplish?
Work & Torah Study (1)
Audio | 44:44
Work & Torah Study (1)
The special quality attained through serving G-d through our involvement in “mundane matters” such as working for a livelihood.
Work & Torah Study (2)
Audio | 46:39
Work & Torah Study (2)
This class highlights the special quality attained through immersing oneself in Torah study – G-d’s wisdom.
Medicine from the Talmud
Audio | 45:48
Medicine from the Talmud
This class attempts to reconcile how the medical advice and remedies mentioned in the Talmud are eternal – like all of Torah – if much of it doesn’t apply to us today.
The Mitzvah to Write a Sefer Torah
The Last Mitzvah of the Torah
This class presents a comprehensive analysis of the last mitzvah of the Torah which is for each individual to write a Sefer Torah.
The Midrash on Ruth
Insights from Midrash Rabbah on the Book of Ruth
How Do I Know the Torah Is True?
With teachings, traditions, and narratives stretching back 37 centuries, how do we know they haven't been altered and even unrecognizably disfigured from their original iterations? And, is there any way to be certain that these stories really happened and its ideas aren't just outdated human constructions?
What Is Midrash?
Audio | 16:06
What Is Midrash?
A clear explanation of what our Torah’s sacred stories, known as Midrash, are and aren't. This brief overview of the origin and development of Judaism's oral traditions provide clarity on shadowy drama and colorful narratives whose messages are largely misunderstood, and often times ignorantly misconstrued.
The Ten Utterances
Audio | 40:29
The Ten Utterances
Ethics of Our Fathers 5:1
The world was created with ten utterances. What does this come to teach us? Certainly, it could have been created with a single utterance...
A Literate Jew
Audio | 29:29
A Literate Jew
A Presentation to Students at Chabad of Binghamton
Jewish culture has always expected that even Jewish laypeople be well-versed in their religion.
What Learning Rambam Accomplishes
The Unique Contribution of Mishneh Torah
The unique accomplishment of Maimonides in codifying and grouping together all of the legal rulings of the Talmud.
Rambam and Jewish Unity
Audio | 23:31
Rambam and Jewish Unity
How Studying Maimonides Brings Us Together
Upon the completion of the 30th cycle of the daily study of Maimonides' Mishnah Torah, Rabbi Manis Friedman explains how one of the Rebbe's stated goals in launching the campaign was to unite world Jewry.
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