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Pesach Sheni

Nothing Is Impossible
Pesach Sheni gave a second chance to offer the Passover lamb to all those who were ritually impure and unfit to offer it on Pesach. Why was this option given only to the Pesach lamb, and not other festive offerings?
The Significance of Pesach Sheni
A second opportunity was given for those who missed out on bringing the paschal (Pesach) sacrifice. There are profound spiritual lessons of teshuvah that we learn from this.
A Distinct Holiday?
Audio | 39:50
A Distinct Holiday?
What is the status of this second Pesach; is it a separate holiday or just an extension of Pesach? This has spiritual ramifications in the service of G-d.
Second Chances
Audio | 29:57
Second Chances
The story of Pesach Sheni (the Second Passover) and its timeless lesson for us.