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Chayei Sarah

Be Like Eliezer, the Ultimate Emissary

We navigate through life, and we want to know “what’s in it for me.” We don’t always identify with the “chariot” of our history, with those men and women who saw themselves exclusively as vehicles of the Divine will.
A Life of Harmony and Synthesis

Study an original talk of the Rebbe in Yiddish and English
Can You Guess the Historic Jewish Names of These Cities?
To Jews, many of these places have their own names, different than those used by their non-Jewish neighbors.
Chayei Sarah Parshah Quiz

Take this quiz to see how well you know the parshah of Chayei Sarah.
Your Questions
Is Wearing Black at a Funeral a Jewish Thing?

At one point in Jewish history, some had the custom to wear black as a sign of mourning. What changed?
New Mikvah in New Zealand, 75 Years After the Rebbe’s Urging

With World War II and assimilation raging, Wellington ritual bath was a ‘matter of life and death’.
By the Numbers
12 Ways on the Road to Success

When your success is linked to the success of others, you have a greater chance of success because you’re working for the common good.
On Youth and Rebellion

Chapter 16 of Positivity Bias
The Long Lost Brother

The widow approached the Rebbe Rashab, seeking his guidance…
My Life Was Saved by the Tefillin I Gave Away

There are times when Divine providence is so stark that you cannot help but take notice.
What Happens When Bonding Isn’t Automatic?

If parent and child did not bond at birth or infancy, can that still occur at any point in the relationship?
The Jewish Way to Argue With Your Husband

There is something to be learned about disagreement in marriage from the mikvah.
Simple Homemade Pasta Marinara

G‑d created the universe and all physical objects ex nihilo, "something from nothing." Our task is to transform the "something" into "nothing"--transform the material into spiritual...
— R. Sholom DovBer of Lubavitch (Hayom Yom, 29 Adar II)
Print Magazine

A man’s way is to serve your impoverished soul ideas—perhaps you will be wise enough to translate those ideas into deeds.

But a woman goes straight for the stomach and the core. She tells you, “This is who you are, and this is what you must do to be who you are.”