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Who Created These?

When you look at a masterful painting, do you only see the art, or does the art lead you to think about the artist? When you enjoy a beautifully prepared feast, do you focus on the food exclusively, or does the taste and aroma lead you to think about the chef?
Three Matzot & Four Cups of Wine

Our sages established that we drink four cups of wine at the Seder, recalling the four expressions of redemption
Va'era Parshah Quiz

Take this quiz to see how well you know the parshah of Va'era.
Focus on Talmud
21 Talmud Facts Every Jew Should Know

The bulk of the Talmudic texts contain analysis of Biblical verses and Torah law, but it’s interspersed with everything from medical advice to stories, from folk sayings to fabric dying tips.
The ‘Keeper of the Waters’ in Tasmania

When I turned on the water, the pipes made a loud, unwelcoming noise, and a brown-looking liquid burst out of the faucet.
Meeting Life's Challenges
Obstacle or Opportunity?

Chapter 21 of Positivity Bias
Does Taking Pictures Take You Out of the Present?

Does taking pictures take away, or enhance, whatever we are presently doing? Can you take pictures if you are fully immersed? Can you be fully immersed if you are taking a picture?
Saved From Fire

“The only question is,” the Rebbe murmured, “will that be before or after the incident?”
The healing of the soul is like the healing of the body: The crucial first step is to identify the location of the illness...
— Hayom Yom, Sivan 16
Print Magazine

Do you want to make miracles? It’s not so hard.

Let’s say you see someone’s faults and you truly want to help—whether it be a friend, a spouse, your child or even your nemesis.

Don’t say a word about what you have found wrong. Instead, find something wondrous about that person, perhaps something that nobody ever...

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