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By the Numbers
7 Joyous Events That Happened on the 15th of Av

A list of the joyous events that occurred on the 15th of Av, as detailed by the sages of the Talmud.
5 Strangers Who Made My Transatlantic Flight with a Toddler Bearable

It blew my mind on this flight when five people went out of their way to help me on the airplane. Five strangers went out of their way to make my journey more comfortable—five humans who showed care and empathy and tried to make my full hands that little bit less full.
Why Two Versions of the Ten Commandments?

In a strange twist, there are some significant differences between the original text in Exodus and the repeat recorded in Deuteronomy. The rabbis explained why.
A Psychotherapist’s Shema in Auschwitz

What is it about the Shema Yisroel prayer that has inspired so many through the most trying of times and has provided such meaning and purpose to help us survive even the most despairing circumstances?
Va'etchanan Parshah Quiz

Take this quiz to see how well you know the parshah of Va'etchanan
Kabbalah of Marriage
Learn what kabbalah has to say on marriage, becoming one, love, and intimacy.
Relax, The Kids Will Still Come Out OK

We’ll get there. That seems to be the motto of the day for me.
Advice for Life
Of Virtuous Villains and Sinful Saints

Chapter 7 of Positivity Bias
What Happened When I Became G-d's Money Manager

As much as I’d like to believe that the money that I earn is the product of my own efforts and sound planning, the fact is that years of seeing the ebbs and flows of our financial life have taught me that whatever money I have in my bank account at any given moment is there only because G‑d deposited it with me.
My Woodstock Prayer

What does it mean to be indispensable? For most of my life I’ve asked myself that question.
Be'er Sheva (Beersheba)

Be’er Sheva’s Jewish history is almost as old as Jewish history itself. Abraham and Abimelech sealed an oath here, as recorded in the Book of Genesis.
Fruity Summer Sangria

Like mother, like daughter
— Rashi's commentary on Genesis 34:1
Print Magazine

Everything has its limits, even darkness.

In our eyes, darkness is the background, the default state, and any light and beauty plays upon it only as a visitor, an intruder upon the emptiness, eventually to fade back into the darkness by fault of entropy.

But the true background of being is pure light. Not the...