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11 Nissan
Tears on the Rebbe’s Doorstep

I followed along in my prayer book as the service progressed, on high alert for the arrival of the inspiration that was surely imminent. Maybe on the next page? Woven between the notes of the next melody? But alas, I left feeling … the same.
The Day G-d Removed Our Shame

Passover is probably the most famous Jewish holiday of the year. Millennia later, this special day of the 11th of Nissan brought forth a new energy of freedom.
Fact or Fiction? Pharaoh in Pajamas in Middle of the Night

I don’t recall ever seeing anything about pajamas in the Haggadah. Am I missing anything?
16 Facts About Moses Every Jew Should Know

Moses was born in Egypt during the enslavement of the Jews. His parents, Amram and Yocheved, were from the illustrious tribe of Levi.
Reb Shmuel's Two Seders

The festival of Passover was not far off. Households bustled happily from morning till evening with cleaning and shopping.
Grandma's Last Seder

It wasn't that I was sad about going to America for Passover; I was worried about my grandmother. Since my earliest memories Grandma had always been one of the strongest people that I knew...
Passover Toolkit
Passover Starts on Friday Night
Passover 2019 will be celebrated from April 19-April 27
What to Expect at a Passover Seder

A few insider tips that will allow you to better allow you to enjoy the night ahead.
Sell Your Chametz Online
Any chametz left undisposed must be sold to a non-Jew. Use this online form to quickly delegate a rabbi to sell your chametz for you.
New! Printable Hebrew/English Haggadah PDF
The complete haggadah in Hebrew and English, ready to print for use at your Passover Seder table.
Passover Art Gallery
Experience Passover through our collection of holiday artwork by contemporary Jewish artists
The Thousands From All Walks of Jewish Life Named After the Rebbe

‘And These are the Names: Menachem Mendel’ chronicles 10,000 boys and young men
"A man saw not his fellow, neither rose any from his place for three days" (the Plague of Darkness, Exodus 10:23). Indeed, there is no greater darkness than one in which "a man saw not his fellow" -- in which a person becomes oblivious to the needs of his fellow man. When that happens, a person becomes stymied in his personal development as well -- "neither rose any from his place."
— Chassidic master Rabbi Yitzchak Meir of Ger (1789-1866)
Print Magazine

On the night of Passover, the Ari taught, you must enter your home for the Seder with great joy.

On this night, all the portals of heaven are opened. On this night, G‑d pours down His deepest love upon every Jew. On this night, we were liberated at midnight.

On this night, expect wonder.