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By the Numbers
15 Synagogue Facts Every Jew Should Know

As some synagogues are slowly reopening, let’s take a look at this staple of Jewish life.
Your Questions
Why Sing About Elijah After Shabbat?

What is the connection between Elijah the Prophet and Saturday night?
Getting an Aliyah While Social Distancing

In the era of COVID-19, minyanim are being formed in compliance with social-distance guidelines, possibly precluding men from being called to the Torah and standing near the reader. Is it acceptable to recite the blessings on the Torah from afar?
Just in Time

I was overjoyed by the boy’s suggestions and felt moved that one could still have the opportunity to write to the Rebbe today.
Coronavirus Inspiration
‘I Am Alive’: Not Taking Life for Granted During COVID-19

This new situation has made me think more of my mortality and to appreciate life, but reading the stories of health-care professionals and hearing about all the death and suffering is taking a toll on even the strongest among us.
How to Be an Essential Worker

The range is huge. From doctors and nurses to liquor shops and computer stores.
Corona and Torah

Does it really matter when I light Shabbat candles? So what if I light them a bit later than sundown, like say when we sit down to dinner?
The Blessing of Love

To bless, we must love, and to be blessed is to know that we are loved by the One vaster than the universe.
Naso Parshah Quiz

Take this quiz to see how well you know the parshah of Naso.
Melacha of the Week
Choresh - Plowing

When the Baal Shem Tov Laughed

A delightful tale in which we learn how the actions of two simple Jews were felt miles away.
Easy Overnight Breakfast Oats

Said Rabbi Acha: The talk of the servants of the fathers is more desirable than the Torah scholarship of the children. For Eliezer's story, which takes up two or three pages in the Torah, is twice recounted, while many principles of Torah law are conveyed with a single word or letter
Print Magazine

“These words that I command you today should be upon your heart.” (Deut. 6:6.)

“Every day, the words of the Torah must be new to you.” (Sifri, Rashi.)

Tradition is not life. Tradition preserves life. But it does not give life.

Goals are not life. Goals inspire life. But they are not life.

Life is here in this...