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By the Numbers
13 Facts About Sukkot Every Jew Should Know

Sukkot is a weeklong festival celebrated by dwelling in the sukkah, taking the lulav and etrog and joyous feasting.
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Your Questions
Can I Tie Down the Sechach?

Some sechach blew off during Sukkot. I was wondering if I can just tie it down with string. When I asked (and looked on the Internet), I got mixed replies.
Could the People Have Stopped Moses' Passing?

G‑d instructed Moses to ascend the mountain “in the middle of the day,” making it clear that they had no power over what would happen.
Are We Destined to Stay the Same?

Is there a way to imagine teshuvah as something empowering and encouraging, rather than a beat-down from G‑d?
What You Did Not Know About Etrogim

Where do lulavim grow? Why does an etrog cost so much? Can I grow my own willows? Just about everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask . . .
A Houseplant Named Ned

I think I am going to buy a houseplant and name it Ned. I realized I needed a houseplant after my internet stopped working a few hours ago, and there was nobody around to talk to. Mostly I will talk to Ned about the word "in."
The mitzvot were given to refine the person.
— Midrash Rabbah
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In the Sukkah, we are all one because in essence we are a single being.

But that which is outside our essence—that which makes us the individuals who we are—that is not yet one.

In the unity of the Etrog, Lulav, Hadasim and Aravot, we are all one as distinct individuals, complementing one another to make a single...