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By the Numbers
13 Maror Facts Every Jew Should Know

Maror is the bitter herb, often horseradish or romaine lettuce. Eaten at the Passover Seder, it recalls the bitterness of Egyptian slavery.
My Top 18 Thank-Yous to My Husband

Thanking our spouses often might not feel genuine at first, but we usually have no problem thanking cashiers, postal workers and strangers. Surely, we should aim to extend this kindness to our own partners in life.
Take the Passover History Quiz

Do you know the history of the Passover celebration. Here's your chance to find out!
How Moses Saved Egyptian Civilization

Wherever your soul has taken you, there must be something of profound value that you uncovered there.
Celebrating 11 Nissan
Two Remarkable Visits to the Ohel

Marina and I also committed to returning to the Rebbe’s Ohel a year after this visit. We pledged that our second trip would be a celebration of Marina’s victory over her illness.
The Stroke of a Pen

The Rebbe sent him to fetch a pen, and he ended up getting more than he could have expected.
The Tailor Who Had No Matzah

The Maggid announced: "There is a Jew who does not have matzah, and I cannot search for chametz until we find him."
The Secret of the Laver

When a ray of light hits a mirror, it bounces off the polished surface and reverses its course.
Day People Vs Night People

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When something is broken below, repair it above. And know that it is never truly repaired above until it is in order below as well.
— The Chassidic Masters
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In each one of us there is an Egypt and a Pharaoh and a Moses and Freedom in a Promised Land. And every point in time is an opportunity for another Exodus.

Egypt is a place that chains you to who you are, constraining you from growth and change. And Pharaoh is that voice inside that mocks your gambit to escape...