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Must One Honor Abusive Parents?

There are many kinds and levels of abuse, and different people can cope with and tolerate different situations and relationships.
How Did the Mission of the Twelve Spies Go So Wrong?

Moses felt that the Israelites had no reason to fear the inhabitants, as they had all seen the great miracles wrought against the much more powerful Egyptians.
Defeating the Inner Defeatist

Who hasn’t been faced with a task and then spent needless amounts of time coming up with creative reasons why it’s going to be too hard?
The Unplanned Trip to the Gym That Turned Into a Spiritual Workout

One never knows the twists and turns that life can bring—the chance meetings that turn into lifelong friendships and opportunities beyond measure.
I Chose Shabbat Over a Rocket Launch

We had committed time and money to this event, yet we would have to miss it because driving to watch the launch on Shabbat was not an option.
Have I Hit Rock Bottom Yet?

What if I am only partially crushed? Is that enough for the healing and recovery to begin?
Summoned by a Soul

Eventually, the stress affected the butcher, and he died broken-hearted and exhausted.
Shabbat Law of the Week
Mechateich - Cutting

It is written, "For you (the people of Israel) shall be a desirable land, says G-d" (Malachi 3:12). Just as the greatest explorers will never uncover the limits of the great and valuable resources which the Almighty has placed within the earth, neither will anyone ever discover the limits of the great treasures which lie buried within a Jew -- G-d's "desirable land."
— Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov
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Self-sacrifice doesn’t mean jumping off a bridge.
Self-sacrifice means surrendering the self.

It means that instead of saying, “I need…”
you ask, “Where and for what am I needed?”

Wherever a sincere, good deed is done, that self-sacrifice breathes within it.

Without it, nothing really changes. With it...