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Enjoy Chanukah Experiences From Our Readers Around the World
As the Jewish nation prepared for what may shape up to be a most unusual Chanukah, we turned to you, our dear readers, to help us make the biggest Chanukah party ever.
Your Questions
Why Are the Jews Called “People of the Book”?

Throughout history, Jews have been called the “People of the Book” (or “Am HaSefer”) by both Jews and non-Jews.
The Jewish View on Hunting for Sport

Does Judaism have anything to say about hunting as a sport?
By the Numbers
14 Facts About Esau Everyone Should Know

Esau was the twin of Jacob, but his polar opposite in many respects. Read this article to learn more about him.
10 Questions: Take the Kosher Quiz

Answer these 10 questions and see if you are a kosher wiz!
The Deception

Why did Isaac, the quintessential spiritual person, someone who was prepared to offer himself as a sacrifice to G‑d, want to bless his older son, the one who abandoned the tents of study and who spent his time out in the field leading a hunter’s lifestyle?
The Challenge of Being an Isaac

The Greedy Liar and the Grateful Merchant

“I came to honor the holy rabbi, to tell this story and express my gratitude,” continued the rich businessman who had traveled all the way to Fez to see Rabbi Yehuda Ben-Attar. “I am certain the ruin of my ex-partner is because he used your name to swear falsely”
A Young Man, a Sick Wife and a Wise Rabbi

“I need a rabbi! Help me! I need a rabbi right now!!” The shocking, ear-splitting cry shattered the stillness in the synagogue.
‘I Am Enough’: Finding My Value Without Comparison

The world doesn’t need millions of clones. The Torah wants our individuality.
Do You Really Think G-d Speaks to Us?

“How can I know what G‑d wants me to do?” a woman once asked the Rebbe.
Melachah of the Week
Koshair - Tying

The act of binding by tying a knot.
Moses our Teacher granted the Torah and mitzvot only to the people of Israel... and to whoever from among the nations of the world who wishes to convert to Judaism... But Moses also instructed, by word of G-d, to prevail upon all inhabitants of the world to accept the [seven] mitzvot commanded to the children of Noah...
— Maimonides Mishneh Torah, Laws of Kings 8:10
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Every detail of a crafted garden is a pure delight.

And we are the creatures of G-d’s garden.

10th of Shvat, 5746.