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Your Questions
Why Do Some Letters in the Torah Have ‘Crowns’?

Many of the letters are topped by small spikes, called tagin or ketarim. Here is why.
What was Adam’s Purpose Before the Sin of the Forbidden Fruit?

If part of Man’s purpose is to rectify the world from the effects of the sin of the forbidden fruit, what was Adam’s job before he sinned?
By the Numbers
7 Facts About the Traveler’s Prayer Every Jew Should Know

Known as Tefilat Haderech (“Prayer for the Way”), the traveler’s prayer is a single paragraph that we say when setting out on a journey.
Eavesdrop and Listen to the Song of the Soul

The G‑dly soul intuitively feels the excitement and wants to sing with joy. What about the animal soul?
When ‘Reader’s Digest’ Proved the Existence of G-d

“Rabbi,” the man said, scowling. “You have 10 minutes to prove to me that there is a G‑d.”
When You Have Just 60 Seconds to Say Goodbye

He hadn’t spoken on the phone in several months, and besides, he was no longer conscious. Any conversation would be one-way.
Woman and the Forbidden Fruit

The sin of the Tree of Knowledge is one of the most perplexing episodes in the Torah. Insight into the story sheds light on woman's unique qualities and role in the process of redemption
Herby Arugula Salad

Melachah of the Week
Tzoveya - Dyeing

Painting, coloring, and dyeing are all examples of tzoveya.
The Jewish people are compared to the stars sparkling in the high heavens; by their light, even he who walks in the darkness of night shall not blunder. Every Jew possesses enough moral and spiritual strength to influence friends and acquaintances, and bring them into a place of light.
— Hayom Yom, Cheshvan 5
Print Magazine

Nobody believed Noah. But Abraham, some say, convinced most of his generation.

Noah talked as someone who followed a tradition of the past. Abraham described how he had discovered G-d on his own.

Only once you have made wisdom your own can you share it with others.

Likutei Sichot vol. 20, pg. 13ff.

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