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By the Numbers
10 Facts About the Month of Cheshvan Every Jew Should Know

In this month, the inspiration of the previous month is extended into the long, cold winter ahead.
Who Was Terah?

The Tower of Technology

The building of the Tower of Babel represents a dramatic leap in the development of industry.
Noach Parshah Quiz

Take this quiz to see how well you know the parshah of Noach.
Your Questions
What Happened to Noah’s Ark?

Throughout the ages, the location of Noah’s Ark has been a subject of fascination, with some even claiming to have found it.
Is This Month Cheshvan or Marcheshvan?

Some call it “Cheshvan” and others say “Marcheshvan.” To complicate matters, on your own site, you have it both ways.
Emotionally Abusive Mother

I have had a difficult relationship with my mother my entire life. While I was never physically abused, I definitely suffered severe emotional abuse. Still today when I am around her I revert to being a hurt child and don't feel I can protect myself. Should I cut off the relationship or somehow pretend to ignore what bothers me?
She Learned From Leibel the Thief

The Rebbetzin understood that her father wanted her to follow his practice of blessing people who sought Divine help.
Sara Esther Feigelstock: The Woman Who Ran Away at 12, Became a Judaic Scholar and Raised 10 Kids

Her reach extended not only to her family, but far beyond, to the many people she touched during her lifetime.
A 9/11 Miracle and the Power of ‘Mezuzah’

Why him? From all the people in the crowd, why did the firefighter save my brother-in law?
What My Pets Taught Me About G-d

Sometimes, when we are abused by life and the world, we fail to turn to the One who is always ready to be our comfort and protection, our sunlit island when everything looks bleak.
The first thing we heard from the Rebbe was: "What is forbidden, one must not; and what is permitted, one need not"
— Rabbi Mordechai of Haradak, a disciple of Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi
Print Magazine

Everything that occurs comes from Him, and He is only good.

But if you and your world are not open to receiving such good from beyond, it may manifest itself as apparent bad—much as heavy rains upon untilled soil bring floods in the place of abundant produce.

How do you soften the soil and open yourself to divine...