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Is It Unlucky to Sit at the Corner of a Table?

If your grandmother is Polish, Russian, Hungarian, Romanian, or Ukrainian, there is a good chance she grew up with this superstition.
Swing or Hammock Attached to a Tree on Shabbat?

There are potential issues with using a swing or hammock attached to a tree on Shabbat, and there may be ways to mitigate these problems.
The Inner Meaning of Moses' Copper Snake

Dwell on the Positive

The 92-Year-Old Who Wanted to End Her Life

Ruth's son suddenly died. All those people who had known her son were not there to assuage her loneliness.
Good News, Even for the No-Goodnik

As we read and discussed a talk of the Rebbe, the mellow tone changed. It was still amiable, but getting a bit heated. Voices rose. Faces got flushed.
Three Friends and Three Dogs

A king had three friends. But he was informed that they were not his friends. So he gave each of the three friends a royal dog.
The Only Person Who Responded to the Ad

“I have something to say,” he announced. “I was wrong about the Rebbe and I want to apologize"
What Do You Know About Jericho?

Also known as “the city of palm trees,” Jericho was the first town in the Land of Israel that the Israelites conquered under Joshua.
As one person, with one heart
— Midrash Mechilta (describing the Jews' encampment at Sinai to receive the Torah)
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No one has ever seen a particle or a wave of gravity. Furthermore, the very notion of gravity is mystifying: masses light years apart with nothing between them, affecting each other’s movement!

Yet we all accept there must be a cause behind the phenomena we observe, so we call this elusive force “gravity.”

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