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The Inside Scoop on Joshua of the Bible

Joshua's mode had the unique advantage in that he achieved that the world itself should become G-dly.
What Every Jews Needs to Know About Hillel the Elder

His teachings and lessons have become ingrained in Jewish culture, making a permanent mark on the ethos of Judaism today.
The Mystery of the Long-Lost Biblical Tekhelet Thread
The origins of the blue thread on the tzitzit, and the reason why some wear it today -- and others do not.
Your Questions
Why Didn't the Rebbe Ever Visit Israel?

Over the years, many have asked the Rebbe, why he—a staunch supporter of Israel—never moved there or even visited. Here is how the Rebbe responded.
What Is a "Maven"?
The Yiddish word for “expert,” maven (or mayven), is derived from the Hebrew word mayvin (מבין), which means “understands.”
The Strange Old Pauper

A tale of how the hidden powers of a mystic saved a traveling rabbi.
Five Steps to Criticize More Effectively

We often mix compliments with criticisms and wonder why the listener is offended.
10 Ways to Be Happy Right Now

There are two ways to live life: focus on what you lack (and you’ll be miserable) or focus on what you have (and you’ll be happy). It’s as simple as that.
Spying on the Hippies

In the spring and summer of 1968, an influx of hippies descended on Boston’s most famous public park, the Common, setting up mini-farms and tent colonies throughout the 50-acre park.
Cajun-Rubbed Red Snapper

It’s Your Backstory: A Profound, Delightful Video Tour of Jewish History

Four-week online course with Michael Chighel, Ph.D., begins on Monday, June 11
In London, Leading Philanthropists Tell How Torah Changed Their Lives

Mikhail Fridman and Matthew Bronfman draw meaning and inspiration from Judaism.
Also those who are far from G-d's Torah and His service... one must draw them close with strong cords of love -- perhaps one might succeed in bringing them closer to Torah and the service of G-d. And even if one fails, one has still merited the rewards of the fulfillment of the Mitzvah, "Love your fellow"
— Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi (Tanya ch 32)
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The angels envy you as you wrestle with the darkness.

They have light, but you, in that struggle, come face to face with the very core of life.

Grapple darkness, squeeze out its light, and you touch G‑d Himself.