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How to Create More Laughter in Your Home

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How to Create More Laughter in Your Home

An environment filled with laughter and light moments will be more conducive to growth.
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anonymous June 8, 2018

From where do we know that laughter and joking and being seen as enjoying life is to be done beyond just a joke to start a shiur? Just curious as shulchan aruch doesn't suggest jesting or joking too much Reply

Anonymous Dorfman June 11, 2018
in response to anonymous:

There are several sources in Torah and Jewish literature that tell us to serve G-d with joy. In Deuteronomy 28:47 G-d tells the Jewish people that they will receive punishment for not serving Him with joy when they had the opportunity. In Psalms, KIng David reminds us to serve Hashem with joy. Maimonides tells us that being joyful is an obligatory part of performing mitzvot. Reply

malka June 7, 2018

we have an english staffordshire bull terrier who shares her life with us in our home and she makes us laugh all day long with her funny antics and personality Reply