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Yom Kippur Q&A

From Our Ask the Rabbi Outbox

How Can a Coffee Addict Survive Yom Kippur?
Pills, suppositories and other quasi-medical treatment to ease the Yom Kippur fast.
Why Eat Two Meals Before Yom Kippur?
On the significance of the Seudah Hamafseket
Before the Yom Kippur fast, we eat a festive meal. Many also eat a festive meal earlier in the day. Why?
Yom Kippur Without Guilt
On Memory, Remorse and Returning
How about someone who abandoned a religious lifestyle because she was abused by the authority figures of that system?
Does G-d Ignore My Prayers?
Can I believe in the power of prayer when, in my experience, it hasn’t worked?
Why Blow Shofar Following Neilah After Yom Kippur?
There are a number of reasons given for blowing the shofar at this time. Here are some of them . . .
Why Is Kol Nidrei So Holy?
According to Kabbalah, Kol Nidre is more than a technical vow-annulment procedure. Rather, by releasing our vows we are asking G‑d to reciprocate in kind . . .
How Can I Forgive Them?
That's all forgiveness means: You don't do anything because of your grudge, you don't say anything to express your grudge and you don't even think about why you have a grudge...
Why Sneakers on Yom Kippur?
The rabbis determined that “affliction” means that we are to deny ourselves certain “luxuries.” Among them is wearing leather footwear.
Should a pregnant woman fast on Yom Kippur?
While recognizing the sensitive condition of a pregnant woman, Torah law does not regard observing a single fast as posing a health danger to a normal, healthy, pregnant woman...
Is it safe for a nursing mother to fast on Yom Kippur?
The milk supply does not diminish in that time span. Just do note that you have to fast but your baby doesn't, so be sure to continue nursing him/her normally throughout the fast...
I won't be near a synagogue this Yom Kippur...
You are correct in your observation that you will be limited as to what you will be able to do on your own on Yom Kippur. The Torah can only be read from a scroll when there are ten men...
How Can I Make the Fast Easier?
Going without food for 24 hours is not a major stress for the body. Dehydration, however, is what causes that sense of weakness associated with the fast...
Why do we read the Book of Jonah on Yom Kippur?
The story of Jonah teaches us how no one is beyond the reach of G‑d's hand...
Fasting on Yom Kippur Which Falls on Shabbat
According to chassidic teachings, Yom Kippur falling on Shabbat doesn’t “deprive” us of the pleasures which Shabbat normally affords us. Rather the extremely holy nature of Yom Kippur accomplishes the same objective . . .
What is the procedure for one who must eat on Yom Kippur?
Just as a healthy person fulfills a mitzvah by fasting; an ill person does a mitzvah by eating.
Why do we bless our sons to
To maintain a high level of spirituality and character amongst a society that is devoid of morals and ethics is the real test. This is why Jacob chose these two boys to be his own...
How Many Sets of Prayers On Yom Kippur?
Yom Kippur is the only day in the year in which a 5th prayer is recited. This final prayer is called Neilah...
Yom Kippur in the Emergency Room?!
I have been feeling guilty since Yom Kippur. Rather than spend the day in synagogue, I was forced to rush a friend of mine to the emergency room and spend the day in the hospital. It was a true medical emergency, and I did fast, but I still feel bad that I did not have the ability to pray as I normally do...
What Are Kreplach?
The traditional triangular pieces of dough filled with ground meat or chicken, similar to dumplings.
Kiddush on Yom Kippur?
Can I Use a Scapegoat on Yom Kippur?
. . . or is there a catch?
There’s a caveat here, something you really have to know: You can’t send a goat away unless you first take ownership of it.
Saying Shehecheyanu on Yom Tov Candles
When lighting the candles for Yom Tov, women recite the blessing of Shehecheyanu in addition to the blessing for kindling the lights for Yom Tov.
But I have observed that some boxes of Neronim come with metal “lids,” specially designed to raise the candle above the troublesome spike.
What Is the Meaning of Yom Kippur?
Yom Kippur means “Day of Atonement.” The original name in the Torah is Yom Hakippurim, which means pretty much the same thing.
Take the Yom Kippur Quiz
See how familiar you are with the most sacred day on the Jewish calendar…
When to Wear Tallit on High Holidays
Not sure what to wear when attending Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services? This article is for you.
Why Start Yom Kippur With Kol Nidre?
Contrary to what one may expect, Kol Nidre is neither flowery nor inspiring (at first blush).
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