These short, stubby candles are designed to be used in a specially-designed glass holder. Once the candle is finished, a small metal disk remains stuck to the bottom of the glass. This disk has a spike pointing upwards, and therefore needs to be removed before placing a new candle in the cup. Otherwise, the new candle will be tilted to one side, and the flame is likely to crack the glass, resulting in a possible fire hazard!

The problem arises when using the same glass cups for the second night of Yom Tov. The said metal disks are useless and therefore muktzah. May one move muktzah in order to be able to light the Yom Tov candles?

Rav Padwa Shlita1 finds grounds to permit the removal of these disks. But I have observed that some boxes of Neronim come with metal “lids,” specially designed to raise the candle above the troublesome spike. Also, it seems that other authorities are stricter about the above problem.

A creative alternative to those special “lids”: To prepare a supply of metal washers (these are available from a builder’s supplier or even a regular hardware store). These are placed over the used-up metal disk, but lift the new candle above the level of the spike.