Burning the Fats of a Blemished Animal on the Altar

"Nor shall you make a fire offering of them"Leviticus 22:22.

It is forbidden to burn the fats of an animal with a permanent blemish on the altar.

Sacrificing Animals with Temporary Blemishes

"You shall not sacrifice to G‑d, your G‑d, any ox or sheep in which there is a blemish"—Deuteronomy 17:1.

It is forbidden to offer as a sacrifice an animal with a temporary blemish.

Sacrificing Blemished Animals Presented by Non-Jew

"And from a foreigner's hand you may not offer the bread of your G‑d from any of these"—Leviticus 22:25.

It is forbidden to offer as a sacrifice an animal with a blemish that is presented by a non-Jew.

Causing a Blemish in an Animal that was Designated for Sacrifice

"No blemish shall be in it"Leviticus 22:21.

It is forbidden to cause a blemish to an animal designated for sacrifice [making it unfit for sacrificial use].

Redeeming a Blemished Offering

"However, as per your every desire, you may slaughter and eat meat in all your cities, according to the blessing of G‑d, your G‑d"—Deuteronomy 12:15.

We are commanded to "redeem" any animal consecrated for sacrificial use. The animal is then relieved of its holiness and may be eaten. [The redemption money is used to purchase a new animal for sacrifice.]