Minimum Age for Animal Sacrifices

"It shall remain under its mother for seven days, and from the eighth day onwards, it shall be accepted as a sacrifice"Leviticus 22:27.

When bringing an animal sacrifice, we are commanded to bring animals that are in the eighth day of their lives and onwards.

Sacrificing an Animal that has been Obtained through a Disrespectful Exchange

"You shall not bring the hire of a harlot or the price of a dog"Deuteronomy 23:19.

It is forbidden to bring as a sacrifice an animal that was given to a harlot as payment for services or an animal acquired in exchange for a dog.

Offering Honey or Leaven on the Altar

"For you shall not cause to [go up in] smoke any leavening or any honey, [as] a fire offering to G‑d"Leviticus 2:11.

It is forbidden to offer on the altar any honey or leavened item.

Offering Salt with Every Sacrifice

"With all your offerings you shall offer salt"—Leviticus 2:13.

We are commanded to offer a salt accompaniment together with every sacrifice.

Offering a Saltless Sacrifice

"Neither shall you omit salt, the covenant of your G‑d"Leviticus 2:13.

It is forbidden to offer any sacrifice – whether animal or of meal – without an accompaniment of salt.