Eating from Sacrifices whose Blood was Sprinkled in the Sanctuary

"And any sin offering whose blood is brought into the Tent of Meeting, to make atonement in the holy place, shall not be eaten; it shall be burnt in fire"Leviticus 6:23.

It is forbidden for a priest to consume of the flesh of any Sin Offering whose blood was sprinkled in the sanctuary.

Decapitating the Fowl Sin Offering

"He shall pinch off its head opposite its nape, but shall not separate"Leviticus 5:8.

In the course of melikah [the "slaughtering" of bird sacrifices, done with the priest's fingernail], it is forbidden for the priest to totally remove the bird's head from its body.

Procedure of the Guilt Offering

"This is the law of the guilt-offering"Leviticus 7:1.

When offering an Asham (guilt) offering, we are commanded to follow the applicable procedure outlined in the Torah—regarding its offering and the parts of the animal that are burnt on the altar and the parts that are consumed [by the priests].