Replicating the Incense

"You shall not make for yourselves according to its composition"Exodus 30:37.

We are forbidden to produce incense with the same formula used in the Holy Temple, for the sake of enjoying its fragrance.

Offering Sacrifices on the Golden Altar

"You shall not offer on it strange incense, nor a burnt or meal-offering; neither shall you pour a libation upon it"Exodus 30:9.

It is forbidden to offer any sacrifice on the Golden Altar in the Holy Temple's sanctuary.

Transportation of the Holy Ark

"Because the service of the holy belongs to them, they shall bear upon their shoulders"Numbers 7:9.

The kohanim (priests) are commanded to carry the Ark [containing the Tablets] on their shoulders—when necessary to transport it from one location to another.

Although the Levites were originally entrusted with this task, this was only in the desert, when the kohanim population was very small. But in all future generations, this is a task reserved for the kohanim.

Removing the Ark's Poles

"The poles shall be in the ark's rings; they shall not be removed from them"Exodus 25:15.

It is forbidden to remove the poles of the ark [which were used in order to transport it from location to location] from their designated rings on the ark's exterior.