1834: Birth of the Rebbe Maharash on the 2nd of the Jewish month of Iyar.

1848: Marries his niece, the daughter of his brother, Rabbi Chaim Schneur Zalman. His wife dies shortly thereafter.

1849: Marries again. His new wife is Rebbetzin Rivka, granddaughter of the the "Mitteler Rebbe," Rabbi DovBer, the 2nd Rebbe of Chabad.

1855: Begins involvement in communal affairs.

1859: Travels to Germany to confer with communal leaders.

1863: Travels to Kiev, Ukraine; rescues hundreds of families on the verge of being expelled from Volhynian villages.

1865: Travels to S. Petersburg, successfully lobbies to annul a decree submitted to the Senate limiting rights of Jews in Lithuania and Zamut.

1866: Accepts the leadership post of Rebbe in Lubavitch, following the passing of his saintly father, Rabbi Menachem Mendel.

1868: Travels to France to confer with communal leaders.

1869: Organizes a permanent committee in S. Petersburg to monitor matters of communal interest.

1880: Successfully lobbies to halt pogroms.

1882: Passes away on the eve of Tuesday, 13th of the Jewish month of Tishrei, and is interred in Lubavitch.

His sons:

1. Rabbi Schneur Zalman Aharon, b. 19 Tamuz 1859, d. 11 Marcheshvan 1908.

2. Rabbi Shalom DovBer, the fifth Chabad Rebbe, known as the Rebbe Rashab (1860-1920).

3. Avraham Sender, who passed away at the age of eight.

4. Rabbi Menachem Mendel, b. 7 Adar 1867.

His daughters:

1. Devorah Leah, married to Rabbi Moshe Arye Leib Ginsburg of Vitebsk.

2. Chaya Mushka, married to Rabbi Moshe Hakohein Horenstein (killed in the Treblinka Nazi Extermination Camp).