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Leviticus - Vayikra

All of Me - Vayikra
We are taking those very same character defects that drove us far from G‑d and giving them right back to Him to do with as He pleases. It's not for us to try and determine which parts of us G‑d has use for.
Enthusiasm - Tzav
The alcoholic in recovery may find that after much honest and hard work, he has finally found a bit of peace. Now that he's finally made it, he doesn't see the great need to be as excited as he was when he was a giddy newcomer...
Rigorous Self-Honesty - Tazria
In terms of our spiritual development, we can apply this law to all types of spiritual sicknesses. We are not the ones to make the final diagnosis of our own faults and shortcomings...
Hidden Treasures - Metzora
But what about when life slaps us in the face even in sobriety, even when we're doing the right things? When this happens, we cry foul...
Sobriety in the Home - Acharei
What a letdown it was for many of us to learn that being clean and sober was not the elixir of love that we sought. Recovery didn't suddenly make us so irresistibly charming and desirable...
An Honest Measure - Kedoshim
Even if in actual practice, one only uses honest measures, the mere fact that he keeps with him another set of dishonest measurements already constitutes a certain duplicity of character.
The Reward of Teaching - Emor
One should not fool oneself into believing that by answering the Twelfth Step's call to "carry the message" that he is somehow making a sacrifice for the benefit of others.
From Powerlessness to Power - Behar
There are those critics of the Twelve Steps who say that personal humility along with submission to a Higher Power degrades alcoholics and makes them feel spiritually bankrupt...
Talk it Out Before Throwing it Out - Bechukotai
Some people question the use of an alcoholic taking personal inventory and admitting to his wrongs early in sobriety. What's the point of trying to clean house when you still have the same character defects?
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