Many people talk about not wanting to bother G‑d with all of their little problems." I do pray," they say, "but only for the really important things. I would never dare to ask for little, unimportant things — like passing a test, finding the keys I lost or help with getting that appointment I really wanted on Monday."

I think they are missing the point. If G‑d is our father, why would we be disturbing Him? Wouldn't a father want his son or daughter to keep in contact so that He would be the one that they turned to when they needed something?

When I joined my 12-Step program, I was amazed whenever I heard someone speak in a different way. A friend said that she would ask her Higher Power for help when she drove to the city. Another friend said she would tell G‑d about her bills so that He would send the correct amount of money that month. I thought they were loonies. Why not save "the big guns" for when you really need high-power help? I wouldn't want to waste my chances on "unimportant" things. If you had some "pull" with the big judge, would you waste it on a parking ticket, or save it for a big court defense?

I found out, though, that with G‑d it's different. And that's because He wants us to approach Him, and cement our connection as often as possible. He welcomes all our attempts at connecting, and wants us to keep calling and hanging around. Not only that, but because He is intimately involved in our day-to-day matters, He likes the fact that we ask for help in the details. Look at it this way: If even a tiny cell has all the parts that keep it fed, multiplying and connecting with other cells, G‑d is clearly interested in all the minute intricacies of our lives. To Him, there is no small stuff; He wants us to connect with Him whenever we need something, as well as whenever we're grateful for things.

People, on the other hand, might get annoyed or perturbed if we called too often, or bothered them with all the picayune pieces we needed help with.

But that's where G‑d, my Higher Power, is different. After being in my 12-Step program for years, I think I've finally figured this out. These days, I don't believe that I am bothering G‑d when I approach Him any time of day or night for my requests or needs. No big stuff or small stuff differentiation. Any time, rain or shine, I know that I can call, or even whisper and get a direct line of connection. What power I have right here in my little heart and mouth. Now isn't that something!