When our existence depends upon praying for each day of sobriety, it is the highest compliment we can receive. If we must call upon G‑d every day, that means He wishes to hear us every day... Being in a program that teaches us to live one day at a time, and that we are dependent upon G‑d every day, is indeed a blessing. - Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, M.D., Seek Sobriety, Find Serenity, Feb. 11

What a very wonderful way to look at things! Instead of feeling upset that I must approach the King every day for my every need, I can realize instead that I am truly blessed that He lets me into His chambers every day and patiently listens to my requests.

Can you try to picture someone who can get into a king's office every day? Can you picture the king waiting patiently while he speaks, and even looking forward to the daily visit? Can you imagine a king who is happy to hear the person's complaints and requests, even for the littlest thing?

What a great compliment this is. Now that we realize what the King's outlook is, it's time to change our own. How often do I shlep or drag my feet, not wanting even to say my daily prayers? It may not be too much for Him, but how often is it too much for me? How quickly do I speed through the words, barely letting them trip along my tongue?

It seems to me that it's time for me to change my tune. I need to feel honored for the very special privilege I have for "getting in" to the King's presence every single day, whenever I desire to. I get to ask Him for my every need, and I get His "ear" for each one of my kvetches and complaints.

I am truly blessed to have such great favoritism. I might as well take advantage of this privilege. I will pray with the joy of knowing that my prayers and requests are not only being listened to, but also looked forward to. The one listening is the King who is actually in a position to fulfill my heart's desires. How lucky can you get?!

What a different viewpoint! I think I will go tell Him right now how very grateful I am for this remarkable gift and privilege! I am truly blessed, as are you.