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Economy & Money

Changing Times
Video | 0:58
Changing Times
Times change. The wheel of fortune never stops spinning. But throughout it all, the good times and the tough ones, one thing never changes . . .
Are You Rich Enough?
The Psalms of King David - 34:11
Has G‑d given you enough money, health, and happiness? Discover the secret to unlocking abundant blessings in your life. Based on the verse (Psalms 34:11), “Those who seek the L‑rd shall lack no good.”
The Wheel
Video | 0:30
The Wheel
Two stick figures bound to a wheel... Up and down... But they learn a powerful lesson along with the ride...
Video | 0:33
How much is that gazzillionaire REALLY worth? Sometimes it takes a stickfigure to give us some perspective...
Financial Advice from the Boss
Parshah Noach
Financial worries and the daily grind of life are the cause of much stress and anxiety. What kind of advice does the Torah have for dealing with economic uncertainties?
Giving and Receiving
23 Cheshvan, 5751 · November 11, 1990
The Biala Rebbe, Rabbi Yaakov Yitzchok Rabinowicz, visits the Rebbe: We mustn’t “find excuses” for G-d when Jews have difficulties with their livelihood. Beseech - and demand - that He help. If Jews give charity before prayer, it will bring all good things.
The Double Month of Adar
Mr. Yoram Aridor, Israeli ambassador to the U.N. visits the Rebbe.
Living vs. Existing
Audio | 34:28
Living vs. Existing
A spiritual roadmap to balancing your budget
In difficult times, the Jewish response is to choose ‘life’ over ‘existence’.
What Does Judaism Say About Money?
What is the Jewish attitude towards money and making a livelihood? What economic system does the Torah advocate? What are our responsibilities as a community?
The Economic Meltdown
The world is experiencing an economic meltdown of historic proportions, with no end in sight. Jewish mystical traditions teach a mind-boggling idea: that everything occurring in the physical world is caused by a spiritual reality that precedes it.
Let’s Talk Business
The world of the Yeshiva is a little piece of heaven on earth. The world of business offers an opportunity to make earth a piece of heaven.
Ki Tisa - Burning Cash
Money plays a large role in many people’s lives, but does it have any spiritual value?
The Power of Money in Judaism
Audio | 51:58
The Power of Money in Judaism
Money has two polar characteristics: it could drag you down to the lowest low and it could raise you to the greatest heights.
Overcoming the Financial Crisis
Israel National Radio
Can we assuage the fear that comes with the seeming financial insecurity? Learn how to sail smoothly through the choppy waters of the current global financial tsunami.
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