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Impeccable Logic
“I accept that my business failure is punishment for deserting you,” he cried to Reb Zushe, “but why? What was wrong with my logic?”
The Traveler
"At home?" said Rabbi DovBer. "Oh yes... At home, it is a different matter altogether..."
The Fire
As he stood at the pile of ashes and smoldering embers which was all that remained of everything he owned, he lifted his eyes heavenward and began to recite: "Blessed are you G-d...."
Hard to Swallow
But now he was about to do the unthinkable. He was going to ask his Rebbe to bless him that G-d should send him a comfortable livelihood...
The Mirror
"Quite a change, is it not?" said Abraham with a pleased smile on his face. "Yes, quite a change," the Rebbe sadly replied
Six Hundred Dinars Minus Six
"Give with an open hand," Rabbi Shimon adjured. "Don't worry about tomorrow, G-d will provide. And most important: write it all down. Every penny you give, write it down and carry the list with you at all times..."
The Snake in the Wall
“On the day of your daughter’s wedding,” the astrologers said to Rabbi Akiva, “a snake will bite her and she will die”
“On the day your daughter enters the bridal chamber,” the astrologers said to Rabbi Akiva, “a snake will bite her and she will die.”
Road Work
Near the park, we were forced to detour via a parallel street. At the next traffic light, the Rebbetzin said to me: “I heard a woman screaming. Can you go back and see what that was about?”
Let’s Talk Business
The world of the Yeshiva is a little piece of heaven on earth. The world of business offers an opportunity to make earth a piece of heaven.
The Miser of the Town
No one loved his fellow Jews more than R. Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev. This story paints a picture of life in Berditchev of old.
More Stories about Charity
From our knowledgebase: a treasury of timeless stories about charity and kindness. To read, enjoy, and... emulate.
The Blue Hats vs. The White Hat
A Testimony to Divine Providence
As the sole support of six children, and in the middle of building our house, I couldn't afford any reduction in salary.
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