In a late-night fire, the home of a pious and learned Jew burned to the ground.

The homeowner was out of town at the time. The next day, as he stood at the pile of ashes and smoldering embers which was all that remained of everything he owned, he lifted his eyes heavenward and began to recite: "Blessed are you G‑d...."

Those who stood there with him expected to hear him conclude with the words "...the True Judge," pronouncing the blessing which a Jew recites in response to a tragedy. Instead, the pious man recited one of the daily morning blessings, "...who has not made me a gentile."

Noticing the looks of astonishment on the faces of the bystanders, he explained: "Were I have been born an idol worshipper, my god would have gone up in smoke together with my home. But since the Almighty, in His great kindness, has chosen to make me a Jew, the G‑d whom I serve is alive and well...."