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More Than A Charitable Act
Tzedakah is more than a Charitable act. It is sharing with others what G-d in His kindness has given us.
The Kabbalah of Charity
Our Sages teach: “tzedakah, charity, is equivalent to all the mitzvot combined”. Why such great emphasis on this individual mitzvah?
Charity, The Priorities
What are the four levels in charity? To whom do you have to give Charity first? What is the best way to give Charity? How much Charity must one give? Is there a limit to the amount of charity I can give?
The Miser of the Town
No one loved his fellow Jews more than R. Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev. This story paints a picture of life in Berditchev of old.
Love As Your Fellow Needs
The Mitzvah to “love your fellow as yourself,” raises a dilemma. What should you do when your needs are different from your friend’s?
Charity Times Eight
Re'eh Parshah Report
Itche, Jono, and all of their friends act out different ways of giving charity.
Video | 2:37
A number of meetings where the Rebbe urges individuals to make charity a part of their daily lives.
True Charity
Video | 6:55
True Charity
A business owner isn’t satisfied with the clientele who find him; he publicizes his goods and services. His work also has no end; it is constantly on his mind. Similarly, to "work" in Torah and charity means going beyond the realm of "obligation."
Investing in Charity
12 Kislev, 5750 · December 10, 1989
I am very happy to hear about your pledge of one million dollars to the Jewish school. May G-d bless you that next time you will pledge twice as much, and G-d will provide for you five times more.
Jono's Lemonade Stand
Jono decides he wants to give tzedakah (charity), but there's one problem... he needs to earn money to do that! Hilarity ensues
The Charity Ladies
Itche and Jono help two eccentric sisters give tzedakah. Hilarity ensues.
The Mitzvah of Tzedakah
This class expounds upon the deeper meaning for the mitzvah of tzedakah and what it accomplishes.
Halachah: Tzedaka - Charity
Classes detailing the halochos of giving tzedaka.
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