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Genesis - Bereishit

In G-d's Time - Bereishit
We who recover from alcoholism and addiction are all too familiar with the compulsion for seeking the quick fix.
Self-Consciousness and G-d-Consciousness - Noach
Noah sought to rebuild the world based on a new paradigm. He conceived of a more wholesome ideal—freedom from self-consciousness. With the best of intentions, Noah chose intoxication as his means . . .
Leaving Self to Find Yourself - Lech Lecha
We need to examine the story of Abraham for inspiration and instruction—for our stories in recovery have followed this same pattern.
Humility is Teachability - Vayeira
Why did Abraham bother to coerce stubborn guests into reciting a prayer? What was the value of forcing his guests to pay lip service to a belief in G‑d; it was, after all, insincere?
A Life of One Day at a Time - Chayei Sarah
There are some who push through life just trying to get from one day to the next. There are others who say that every moment is to be savored. Abraham's attitude surpassed both of these.
Constantly Recovering - Toldot
We view our disease as having its own personality, an internal addict that values selfishness and gratification. It is the older twin, big and strong, a hunter and an outlaw.
Rising Above Circumstance - Vayeitzei
If G‑d really wants us to do His will, it's natural for us to wonder why He doesn't make it easier for us. If He expects us to have impeccable standards, why doesn't he remove all temptation from our path?
Gratitude and Humility - Vayishlach
The closer G‑d brings us to Him, the more keenly aware of our own utter nothingness that should make us.
Positive Thinking - Vayeshev
The alcoholic or addict in recovery knows all too well the troubles of an overactive mind. Our mental mills are fast and frenetic. We, therefore, endeavor to maintain constant vigilance over our thoughts...
Hard Work - Miketz
We alcoholics and addicts know all too well how fast and easy payoffs come back to haunt us. But this pertains not only to our drinking days but to our recovery as well...
A Useful Double Standard - Vayigash
Why did each one cry over the other's future calamity? They faced similar fates. Why then did they not both cry for themselves?
Faith and Resentment - Vayechi
Not only did he have no desire for revenge, he would not even concede that his brothers had actually succeeded in doing anything to him for which he should feel wronged...
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