Rabbi Benyamin Bresinger grew in up Montreal, where he completed his University degree. After graduation, he continued his life education by traveling extensively, visiting over twenty-five countries world-wide. For his rabbinical education, Rabbi Bresinger studied at Yeshivot in Israel, followed by higher education at the Rabbinical College of America Kollel in Morristown, N.J. In 1991, he and his wife moved to West Orange, New Jersey to become the Rebbe’s emissaries there.

Rabbi Bresinger’s passion has always been working with recovering addicts. He became the pastoral counselor for Jewish addicts in recovery for the Metro West Health and Healing Center in New Jersey. During this time, he authored a course called, “Twelve Steps and Kabbalah,” which integrates the teachings of Kabbalah with the twelve steps of AA. He has lectured extensively around the country on this topic.

In 2007, Rabbi and Mrs Bresinger and their 5 children moved to Montreal to be the directors of Chabad Lifeline, an addiction crisis drop in center.