Everything is in a state of relationship. Angels and humans communicate behind the closed doors of the subconscious. The spiritual and the physical enjoy a give-and-take relationship. Chaos theory proposes that the butterfly wings affect the weather pattern on the other side of the globe.

One relationship that Kabbalah describes to some detail is that of heaven and earth. It is described by the great Chassidic master, Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, as the "head" and the "feet". In fact, the earth is referred by the Prophets to as the "footstool" for heaven (Isaiah 66:1).

At first glance this seems a diminution of the value of our planet earth. But when considered more deeply, life does not always turn up "heads". The wagging tail often plays a significant role. For example, a number of alternate therapies treat head-ache and migraine through the feet. This may consist of bathing one foot in hot water while the other rests in cold water. Or some blood might drawn from the foot relieving the aching head. In other words, the head is sometimes very dependent on the foot. And it certainly relies on the foot to take it where it chooses to go.

The same holds true for the treatment of depression. One mode of treatment is through the head: talking through the problem that might be causing the onset of the depression. Many are now realizing however that starting at the other end of the body might be equally if not more effective — i.e., doing some aerobically challenging exercise for 20 minutes often neutralizes the depression. The feet enjoy a much more intimate relationship with the head than most might suspect.

The parallel the mystics are drawing is obvious. The heavens and the higher spiritual spheres might indeed be sublime, but without the "feet" of the finite physical plane, creation cannot reach its ultimate goal. The nature of our world might indeed be coarse in comparison to the celestial chambers, but without the world of here and now, there would not be a stage upon which the drama of ongoing creation can unfold.

Kabbalah teaches that what we do "down here" has a multiplier effect "up there." Rather than seeing ourselves as prisoners of a drama unfolding at the spiritual level, this pathway teaches that we, the mortal human being, the "feet" of creation, possesses the key to the evolving future.

The energies of mind (seichel) provide value and direction. The energies of emotion (middot) provide the energy and thrust. The compass of mind needs the energy of heart so that the human co-creator can complete an, as yet, unfinished universe.

Both the head and feet are needed for the unfinished symphony of creation.

MASTERY: How aware are you of your body? Allow someone whom you know well, and don’t feel self conscious in front of, to observe you for a day or so. Ask them to observe the way your body matches the speech. Are words and eyes congruent or do the two convey different messages? What about the hands or body posture? And most importantly, check out whether you are in fact acting on your espoused values and ideals. In other words, do the feet carry your head where it knows it should go?

MEDITATION: Sit in a comfortable chair with your feet resting on a footstool. Become aware of the thoughts you are thinking. Direct your thoughts gently towards someone whom you hold in high regard. Allow your imagination to create a conversation with this person within your mind. During this imaginary conversation become aware of your body and its movements. Observe your hands in motion and your feet as you move about. Begin to recognise the immediate and deep relationship that all parts of your body enjoy with each other. No aspect of the body is insignificant - no matter how far removed from the head.

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