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Articles by Laibl Wolf

A collection of articles by the renowned mystic, author and speaker, Rabbi Laibl Wolf.

A Seed in Earth's Womb
Where was the explosion of beauty, color and taste before the seed became the fruit? Within the seed's simple exterior lays enormous potential, far beyond the molecular explanation. The seed houses the spiritual shape of things to come
Mind and Emotion
Our subconscious "mind" finds its expression in the way we think, and the subconscious "emotions" come into play in the way we speak
The Kabbalah of Communication
Try an experiment. Open a book and read a few pages. Now do the exercise with another book, but this time, do so with the intention of sharing the information with a specific person
The Spiritual Roots of the Cucumber
Notwithstanding the plant's beauty and intricacy, it still does not seem to come close to that of the human. Yet the plant sustains the human being. In spiritual terms this demonstrates that it is closer to the apex of creation
The Four Minute Barrier
Whenever one person attains a "success" -- a barrier surmounted, a limit exceeded -- a subliminal message is sent through the ether of space, creating a subconscious awareness and potential in everyone else
The Oil of Wisdom
Become very aware of this circuit -- wax, wick, flame, and light. Internalize this sequence into your life: wisdom, body, consciousness, and enlightenment
The Double Face of the World
It is interesting to note that the Divine name consists of one true double (the letter Hei); also note the similarity of Yud and Vav -- a pictorial similarity that exists in English as well (Y/V)
We the Feet
One way to treat what ails the soul is through the head -- talking through the problem. Many are now realizing, however, that starting at the other end of the body might be equally if not more effective
The Making of Sacred Time
Time, like every body, is punctuated by differences of shape, form and substance. The Hebrew month of Tishrei is the "brain" through which the soul of time flows before spreading its life force to the rest of the time-body
The Wild Horse
The dualistic self is not a pleasant experience. To achieve peace, the restless and antic-ridden monkey-mind has to strive for focus; the wild horse must be tamed
It's Deeper Down Here
We recognize a face, feel the cold, understand a concept; these are all expressions of memalleh, "filling" energy. Yet we all experience a more sublime consciousness -- the "encompassing" energy the Chassidic masters call sovev
The oldest text of Kabbalah is Sefer HaYetzirah ("Book of Creation"), attributed to Abraham. In it is a cryptic phrase which Chassidism proceeds to explain: If your heart should run, return to the One
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