The 14th of Kislev marks the wedding anniversary of our beloved Rebbe and Rebbetzin.

The Rebbe's marriage to the daughter of the Sixth Rebbe was, in essence, his marriage to a life of leadership. It is, by extension, the point of connection to the entire generation he was chosen to lead.

While every wedding anniversary is an important personal or familial milestone in the lifecycle, this anniversary is significant for all of us, the Rebbe’s generation.

On this day we are especially indebted to the Rebbetzin, who selflessly supported and shared her husband with the world. Whether you consider yourself an ardent disciple of the Rebbe or a casual visitor to, an institution inspired by the Rebbe, we all owe a debt of gratitude to the blessings of G‑d for the day of 14 Kislev, which has forever changed the very course of world Jewry.