Take a moment to imagine the following scenario. Bored with your job and the same daily routine, you decide one day to do something radically different. You take a crash course on robotic computer programming, and discover an unknown aptitude and penchant for this kind of work. After some preliminary projects, you get started on your real masterpiece, your own mini-world, replete with plant, animal, and functional human-like life.

Your robots are each created with a special task in mind. Each has its own niche in your world. At first, your creations are well in tune with your plans, and life is harmonious.

After some time, the robots grow restless. They begin to explore their own freedom and ability to do as they please. Your carefully designed blueprint is ignored. Your robots lose interest in the purpose you had in mind for them, and look for their own meaning, and sometimes find it in places which wreak havoc on the mini-universe. The place is becoming chaotic.

Desperate, you decide to be bit less subtle. You call a mass meeting with all the robots and lay out your plans: Each creation has their own unique purpose, each has a predetermined way to fulfill it, and living in the manner you had envisioned for them will secure their ultimate happiness.

Your robots have chutzpah. They’re not going to take this lying down. “How can you claim to know what’s best for us?” “How do we know this is a good idea?” “Who says listening to you will bring any peace to this chaotic world?”

But of course you know best. You programmed the world! You designed every detail! If your creations would follow your dictates, existence would be perfect.

Each of us has a purpose in this world. The Master Designer has a plan worked out for us to the most minute detail. The job of every Jew is to follow Torah’s instructions, and that of any Gentile is to observe the seven Noahide laws as instructed by G‑d. How does that ensure world peace? The same way your robots will achieve peace by following your instructions. He designed this place. He knows best.

Malkie Janowski for Chabad.org