Once there was a great and powerful king, who ruled many lands. His most precious treasure was a diamond—the most flawless diamond in the world.

One day, at a royal party, the king flaunted his diamond, passing it from guest to guest as it rested on a soft velvet pillow. Suddenly, the diamond fell and became deeply scratched.

The king summoned his jewelers to correct the blemish. However, they informed him that they could not remove the blemish without cutting the surface, thus reducing the diamond’s value.

Finally, a craftsman appeared and assured the king that he could fix the diamond without reducing its value. The self-confidence this artist displayed convinced the king to entrust the diamond’s repair to him.

The scratch had become the stem of an exquisite rose Several days later, the artist returned with the diamond. The king was astonished to see that the ugly scratch had disappeared. In its place, a beautiful rose was engraved.

The scratch had become the stem of an exquisite flower.