1. There is no smoke without fire, and there is no fire without smoke.1

2. Torah is all the name of G‑d.2

3. Everything in the world depends on desire.3

4. Dust … never grows fruit.4

5. A person cannot know the taste of sweetness until he tastes bitterness.5

6. Healing is found in Torah.6

7. Anger contains poison.7

8. When any craftsman speaks, he speaks about his craft.8

9. Praising someone for a quality they don’t possess exposes their deficiencies.9

10. There is no word in the world that can be known before it is spoken.10

11. Where there is justice, there is love. And sometimes, where there is love, there is justice.11

12. A male without a female is considered half a body.12

13. There is no Torah without wisdom, and there is no wisdom without Torah.13

14. Those who are pained by the suffering of good people—their iniquities are removed from the world.14

15. Charity is the tree of life.15

16. Love that is not followed by jealousy is not real love.16

17. One who wishes to approach is drawn close.17

18. The first of all commandments is to know G‑d.18