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Rabbi Menachem Posner serves as staff editor at, the world’s largest Jewish informational website. He has been writing, researching, and editing for since 2006, when he received his rabbinic degree from Central Yeshiva Tomchei Temimin Lubavitch. He resides in Chicago, Ill., with his family.
Halakhah refers to Jewish law. Per its literal translation, “the way,” halachah guides the day-to-day life of a Jew.
Circumcision on the eighth day of a baby boy’s life has been part of Judaism since the dawn of our peoplehood. Learn 20 facts about this ritual that is so central to Jewish life.
She left her mark on generations of Jewish Montrealers
She held no official position for most of her 89 years, but with her gracious smile, genuine care and home-cooked food, she left her mark on generations of Jewish Montrealers. Married to Rabbi Leib Kramer, longtime director of the Chabad institutions in M...
Eliyahu Moscowitz memorial gathering set for Thursday evening
Walk into the Jewel-Osco supermarket in Chicago, and right between the organic fruit and the kosher meat counter sits a small, round display table. Instead of produce or products, it bears a few photographs, sheets of paper and a box. It is into that box ...
An in-depth, four-week look at one of history’s most famous relationships
Abraham and Sarah: a renegade Mesopotamian couple who propagated monotheism to a world steeped in superstition and idolatry. Abraham and Sarah, the progenitors of several dramatic chapters in the book of Genesis. Abraham and Sarah, whose spousal spats wer...
The Talmud has something to teach about just about everything. Here are some wise teachings that provide insight into yourself and the people around you.
Beloved leader of Akron Jewish community
When newly ordained Rabbi Mendel Sasonkin moved to northeastern Ohio in 1989, he knew just a smattering of English. But with a broad smile and an open heart, he was ready and willing to serve the Jewish communities in Canton and Akron, cities south of Cle...
Center will serve an evolving mix of longstanding residents, business people and young families
With its narrow cobblestone alleys and boutique shops, Manhattan’s West Village is known for its colorful, artistic residents and the alternative culture they propagated. What was once an upscale neighborhood in the 19th century gave way to successive gen...
Simchat Torah (“The Joy of the Torah”) is the day when we finish the annual Torah-reading cycle and begin anew. Learn 15 facts that you may not have known!
Known for his unending belief in the potential of each child
Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu Fogelman, an educator for more than 60 years, passed away on Aug. 30, just shy of his 89th birthday. Throughout his long career in the Jewish school system, from which he never really retired, he was known for his warmth, wit and unen...
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