It’s basic physics. The higher up you throw an object, the further it will fall. Throwing a coin from the 10th floor of a building can get it further than from the first floor.

Spiritual physics operate this way as well. Everything that exists comes from somewhere and has a spiritual source. There is a spiritual process by which this original source “descends” until it appears as we see it in this physical world. The higher the spiritual source of said object, the further it “falls” from its original source when it lands here, and the lower it appears to be.

The Power of the Animal Soul

For example, down here in this physical world, the soul of a human is holier than an animal. Yet actually in its source, the animal kingdom has a higher source than humans. That’s why humans need the plant and animal kingdoms to survive, yet animals don’t need humans. There is something in the animal kingdom that gives us spiritual vitality.

This includes not only physical animals but the spiritual counterpart, the “animalistic soul” residing inside each one of us.

That’s the reason why in our day-to-day life, our animal soul, which is by all appearances lower than our G‑dly soul, is so much more powerful. It has all this hidden energy and potential since it descended from a much higher source. It has the ability to overpower the G‑dly soul so easily, because it originated from a spiritually "higher" place. In fact, we desperately need G‑d’s help1 to overcome the temptations of the animal soul. Yet by revealing the animal soul’s source, we can tap into a much higher level than even the G‑dly soul. We can take the animal soul’s innate energy and channel it into a desire for G‑dliness, revealing a much more intense and fiery love.

The Soul Marries the Body

The animal soul, while it is busy trying to distract us from serving G‑d, can be the catalyst not only of a stronger connection to G‑d, but it itself becomes transformed into light. Being involved with the physical world with all its temptations is not a liability; it can actually be a springboard for more spirituality than studying Torah and praying all day. Because the more you feel disconnected from G‑d, the more you desire a closer connection to Him, and the more desire and love fills your heart. Being involved in the physical world doesn’t only spur a deeper connection to G‑d as a fringe benefit, but the darkness itself becomes this bright light and desire for G‑dliness.

This is why the soul comes down to the world! It marries the body and co-inhabits with the animal soul, so that together they can create a love of G‑d that cannot be created with the energy of the G‑dly soul alone. When the soul overpowers the negative desires of the animal soul and channels its nuclear power into a passionate desire for G‑dliness, now that is energy.

The Flood of Life

The challenge of earning a livelihood and the temptations within the business environment can actually arouse in us a greater desire to cling to G‑d, as if our life depended on it. We see this hinted in the biblical words describing the original flood in the times of Noah: “The waters increased, and they lifted the ark, and it rose off the earth” (Genesis 7:17).

The waters of the flood lifted the ark. The Hebrew word for “the ark,” hateivah, also means “the word.” Which words serve as a safe haven from the flood of confusion of our world, bringing peace and tranquility? The words of prayer.

And yet, what has the ability to raise and lift the words of prayer to heights it cannot achieve on its own? The flood itself. It’s because of the flood that the ark is lifted, and it’s because of the challenges and temptations in dealing with our physical world that our prayer is more intense and passionate.

The Purpose of Creation

So what do you do with this powerful love and desire for G‑d, awakened during prayer as a result of our challenges?

You do a mitzvah. And through that, you touch G‑d’s essence. Use all the spiritual energy you have awakened during prayer as a catalyst to do more mitzvot that G‑d so intimately desires.

For that is the ultimate purpose of Creation.

Source: The Maamar, Mayim Rabim, in Torah Ohr as explained in Chassidut Mevueret, Chapters 4-8.