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The Two Tablets

G-d didn't pen the Ten Commandment on a scroll; instead He chose to carve them on to two sapphire tablets. What messages does this teach us?

Ink and Stone
Letters engraved in stone are forged in it: the words are stone and the stone is words
Keep Your Balance
The right-hand tablet contained 146 words. The left-hand tablet had only 26 words. Yet tradition has it that both tablets were filled with writing. How did 26 words equal the space of 146 words?
The Two-Way Mirror
Does G‑d care if I cheat on my taxes? Am I going to be a better husband/wife/parent if I keep kosher? Are these the same question?
Reasoning the Stone
The Torah was first given carved in stone and then transcribed with ink upon a parchment scroll. What is the deeper significance of these two forms of Torah?
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