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The Desert Mountain

The Location Chosen for the Event

The Torah was given in the midst of a desert, on Mount Sinai. Why a mountain? Why not the highest mountain? Why in a desert?

9 Facts You Should Know About Mount Sinai
Mount Sinai is where G‑d Himself descended and struck a deal with His chosen people.
Humble Pride
Mount Sinai was chosen to teach us humility. If so, why was it not given in a low lying valley?
Why Mount Sinai?
The Ten Commandments were given by G-d on Mount Sinai. But why Mount Sinai in particular?
Life as a Mountain
The cause is the mountain itself: it simply and stubbornly gets in the way. The wind hits it with force, and must force its way around or over. As it does so, it carries little pieces of the mountain with it
In The Desert
In the desert there are no towns or neighborhoods. No old money, no new money, no social climbers and no social climbed-overs
Underneath the Mountain
"G-d held the mountain over them like a jar and said: 'If you accept the Torah, fine; if not, here shall be your grave.'" But hadn't the people already proclaimed that they want the Torah?
Ignorance is Bliss
It's tempting to revert back to what I already know. That's what all the other nations did when G‑d visited during the "Who wants the Torah" world wide tour...
Unity in Diversity
The Sages tell us that the Giving of the Torah took into account the diversity among those who were receiving it. The Torah was given with the potential to be explained in 600,000 different ways, for each of the 600,000 different souls...
Do You Know How To Get To The Ballpark?
In anticipation of Sinai, the Jews spent weeks finding their best selves and reshaping their perspectives on life. But, as they approached that sacred ground, they needed the strength for another step.
The Desert Bride
Why did G-d marry the Jews in the desert? Could He not come up with any better place?
Women at Sinai
Why the difference between women and men when it comes to teaching the Torah?
The Great Sinai Debate
Two sages of the Talmud debate whether the Jews actually saw heavenly thunder at the giving of the Torah.
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