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The Dangers of Deconstruction
An Essay on Parshat Bamidbar
How does one switch from the stage where everything is sanctified to the stage where the sacred must be carried on one’s shoulder?
Of Angels and Porters
An Essay on Parshat Naso
They suffer because they want to grow, but they are unable to realize this or put their lofty aspirations into practice.
Who Are the Chosen People?
An Essay on Parshat Behaalotecha
Who is Judaism for? Is the Torah only for special individuals, or is it a Torah for everyone?
Striving for Spirituality in a Physical World
An Essay on Parshat Shelach
If the spies spoke the truth, why were they uprooted from the world?
Why Moses Could Not Forgive Korach
An Essay on Parshat Korach
Korach was smart, wealthy, and probably a great man as well; he was able to convince everyone that his motives were pure and holy. However, behind the facade of this great man lurked a personal grudge.
The Life of the Righteous Is Everlasting
An Essay on Parshat Chukat
What is the significance of the death of a tzaddik? How is the death of the righteous analogous to the laws of the red cow?
The Story Behind Balaam’s Prophecy
An Essay on Parshat Balak
How it is possible that our sages call Balaam a prophet? Can an evil prophet truly exist?
The Contradicting Nature of the Priest
An Essay on Parshat Pinchas
On the one hand, there is zealous passion, bloodshed, and war; and on the other hand, there is something very different – a character that is entirely one of blessing.
How You Can Build an Altar Today
An Essay on Parshat Matot
When a person wants to dedicate something to G-d, the Torah provides a way.
Twists, Turns and a Direction Unknown
An Essay on Parshat Massei
We learn a detailed description of the People of Israel’s long journey following the Exodus from Egypt. What is the meaning of this lengthy review? Why does the Torah need to tell us all this?