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On Holiness
"Leviticus deals with the various aspects of holiness. Holiness is found in all of the book’s subjects, in the major principles as well as in the small particulars"
True Sacrifice
An Essay on Parshat Tzav
What is thr true nature of sacrifice and worship, and what gets in its way?
Malachi's Prophecy
An Essay on Shabbat Hagadol
What is the connection between the Haftarah for Shabbat Hagadol with Passover? They seem to be taking different tracks? See how Malachi's prophecy makes it work!
Can Kosher Make Sense?
An Essay on Parshat Shemini
The distinction between the permitted animals and the forbidden animals raises a question that has occupied many commentators.
The Subtle Signals of the Tzaraat
An Essay on Parshat Tazria
Tzaraat should be regarded not as an illness that is designated as tamei, but as “a sign and a wonder” that G‑d uses to mark someone.
The Inner Rhythm of Tumah
An Essay on Parshat Metzora
It can be said that the creation of tumah resembles the production of a magnetic field.
The Sin of Aaron's Sons
An Essay on Parshat Acharei Mot
The cause of the sin was overfamiliarity with G‑d and His service.
Saintly or Simple?
An Essay on Parshat Kedoshim
The Quest for Perfection
An Essay on Parshat Emor
G‑d requires of those who do His will a level of completeness, and not only from a spiritual standpoint.
Whose Land Is It?
An Essay on Parshat Behar
The message is that “All is from You, and from Your hand have we given to You.”
Are You Missing the Entire Point?
An Essay on Parshat Bechukotai
It is only natural for a person to automatically justify the practices to which he has grown accustomed.

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