Thanks for writing about this important matter. Yes, your fiancé should have a brit (circumcision) done as soon as possible. In Judaism there is a concept that it is never too late. Even if for whatever reason he did not have a brit when he was eight days old, the date on which a brit should be performed on a healthy Jewish boy, he should have it done now. Many Jews in their 70's and 80's, émigrés of the former USSR, undergo circumcision at their advanced age, all to be a part of this sacred covenant with G‑d. And let's not forget that the very first Jew, Abraham, circumcised himself at the age of 99!

There are expert mohels (circumcisers) who specialize in adult circumcisions. Local anesthetic is usually used to minimize the pain.

Your local rabbi will be able to put you in contact with a mohel who can further advise you.

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Best wishes,

Chani Benjaminson