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Your Soul Can Be in Two Places at the Same Time
The disciples of Rabbi DovBer of Mezeritch gathered around his bed to hear their teacher speak about Jacob's angels. It was the last Shabbat of the chassidic master's life...
Jews Don't Believe in Angels
But do angels believe in us?
G-d Without Purpose
Just how dangerous can the G‑d idea get?
If G‑d is not to be a dangerous idea, G‑d must be good. But that would seem to be a small G‑d, a defined G‑d, limited by the parameters of goodness. How can we believe in a G‑d that contains all of existence and yet believe that His goodness is real and absolute? There is only one solution, but it is a very strange and radical solution...
The Child and the Thief
Ten Principles from the Maggid of Mezritch
May the Words of My Mouth
How can we make use of so many representations in praying to G-d?
The Thirteenth Gate
There is one pathway through which all prayers may pass
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