99. One who will be leaving on a trip during the week of Tisha Be’av is permitted to give clothing to a non-Jew to wash, so that he will have clean clothes to wear for the shabbosim that he will be on the trip1.

100. One who is walking by foot on Tisha Be’av is permitted to wear shoes, but when he reaches the city, he must take them off2. However, it would be preferable for him to put some sand in the shoes while walking3. If he is able to do his long-distance walking with non-leather shoes, such as walking or running shoes then he should not wear regular shoes4.

101. If he is traveling in a vehicle or wagon or riding on a horse on Tisha Be’av, he is not permitted to wear leather shoes5.

102. One who is traveling on Tisha Be’av in a car, bus, train, etc. is permitted to sit on the regular seats, even though it is more than three tefachim high6.

103. According to some authorities, one who is traveling and who will be spending the nine days away from home is required to take along enough clothing for the whole duration, even though it will be cumbersome.

Others argue that if taking so much apparel involves an extra burden, it is sufficient for him to take along his regular supply of clothing for traveling. If all the clothes then become unclean, he is then permitted to wash and press them during the nine days, up to the week of Tisha Be’av itself7.