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Shabbat and Holiday Greetings

How to Greet Others on Shabbat
Shabbat Shalom or Gut Shabbos
What to say? As always, different Jews have different ways of doing things.
New Year Greetings Explained
The meaning of the traditional New Year wishes
On Rosh Hashanah it is customary to greet one another with blessings and good wishes for a good year... Also, send electronic Shana Tova greeting cards to your family and friends!
Chag Same'ach or Gut Yom Tov?
When two Jews meet each other on holidays or even in the days prior, it is customary to wish each other a good, happy holiday. But what to say? Here are your options.
How to Wish
When you meet fellow Jews before or on Passover, you want to wish them a happy holiday. But what to say?
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