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Why marry? Whom should I marry? How do I date the Jewish way? FAQ on these sensitive subjects.

Where Is the Woman of My Dreams?
I know what you are going to say: I am too fussy. But I can’t just settle on something half good. Where is the woman of my dreams?
Arranged Marriages?
Is it true that traditionally, Jewish marriages were arranged marriages? I’ve also heard that this is still the practice amongst the more religious Jews . . .
The Ethics of Double Dating
I am happy in my relationship, and things are getting quite serious. But there is one nagging doubt at the back of my mind. I have nothing to compare her to, because I have never been in this type of relationship before. I feel that perhaps, before I commit, I should see some other girls . . .
Why Is Torah Law So Restrictive of Contact Between the Genders?
Should any physical contact that is friendly be considered intimate? Hopefully, it should.
I am recently out of a relationship with a man that I had set my heart on marrying. We had been together for a while and he just couldn’t come to a decision whether or not to marry me...
The Secret of a Good Matchmaker
I've tried my hand at matchmaking, but so far I've been a dismal failure. Is there a secret formula for bringing people together that I don't know about?
Living Together Before Marriage?
My boyfriend says that he wouldn't feel comfortable committing to someone he hasn't lived with first. It still doesn't seem right to me, but he seems to have a valid point...
Is there truth to the rumor that if you do 3 successful shidduchs (i.e. match three people with their future spouse) you go to the highest level of heaven
What Is a
Anyone can be a shadchan. Just make the suggestion. Even if it does not work the first time, keep on trying.
I Am Not Attracted to My Date
I was just set up on a date with a wonderful young woman. I really enjoyed her company and spending time together. However, I just wasn’t attracted to her . . .
Why Am I Not Falling in Love?
Love can only blossom in an open heart. When our hearts are closed we cannot feel affection, even when that affection is really there. And what makes a heart close is fear.
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