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Holiday Quizzes

Take the Rosh Hashanah Quiz
See how well you know the basics of the first holiday of the Jewish year
Take the Yom Kippur Quiz
See how familiar you are with the most sacred day on the Jewish calendar…
Take the Sukkot Quiz
Take these 10 questions to see how well you know the joyous holiday of Sukkot.
Chanukah Quiz
Test Your Chanukah Knowledge!
Brush up on your Chanukah studies, and take the challenge!
How Much Do You Really Know About Passover?
Take the Chabad.org Quiz and Find Out
Lag BaOmer Quiz
Take the test and see if you are a Lag BaOmer expert
What Do You Know About Shavuot?
9 questions to see how much you know about this Biblical holiday
Take the 17 Tammuz Quiz
Here is a quick way to make sure you are up to speed on this special day and its significance.
How Much Do You Know About Tisha B'Av?
9 questions from Chabad.org to see how much you know about this important fast day.
Take the Rosh Hashanah Services Quiz
See how well you know the prayers we say on Rosh Hashanah and what they mean